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Elevator Door Controller - NICE900 Elevator Door Operator Integrated Controller

NICE900 Elevator Door Operator Integrated Controller

Main parameters of the Aonarch NICE 900 inverter

Model Input voltage Power capacity Input current Output current Adoptable motor
(kVA) (A) (A) (W)
NICE-D-A/B-S0P2 -15%~20%Single phase 220V 0.5 2.7 1.3 200
NICE-D-A/B-S0P4 1 5.4 2.3 400
NICE-D-A/B-S0P7 1.5 8.2 4 750


Aonarch SMD1-5B0180A-I20X motor parameters

Aonarch SMD1-5B0180A-I20X motor

ISMD1-5B0180A-I20X PMSM motor
Rated current 0.49A Rated toruqe  2.7Nm
Rated voltage 100V Rated requency 24.00Hz
Rated revolition 180r/min Rated power 50W
DC linear resistance(20℃): 72±3.6 Ω Linear indunctance (20℃): 240±20% mH
Linear counter-emf 9.55±1 V/rad/s Pole pairs 8
Character of working S4 Enviroment 0℃~40℃
Level of insulation B IP level IP44

Aonarch NICE900 elevator door inverter drive is adoptable both for synchronous and asynchronous door system

Excellent performance
l Advanced sync motor drive technology:
1.Motor parameter autotuning,wide application range.
2. Innovative sync machine angle identification technology insures the accuracy of control.
3. Outstanding encoder original point identification technology,adoptable to general ABZ incremental encoder.

lHigh quality DSP to insures the good performance of NICE 900 system
1.The latest 32 bits DSP
2.The processing speed reaches 150MHz
3.Multi-level flows control

Professional design

The most professional door machine control logic:
Years of elevator application experience;longtimes of research to hold the productessence and trend; the assistance of leading companies.

Integrated solution plan:
Integrated technology of control and VF drive;
Integrated technology of sync and asynchronous VF control;

Easy adjusting
The adjusting tool: self-equipped with adjustor,optional copy card;
Sdjusting parameter:factory default parameter,itis very simple for use