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KCB 5 Contact Switch

elevator KCB 5 Contact Switch

There are 2 kinds of contact switch, KCB-R5A and KCB-R5B.
The type of the contact switch is the electrical signal control switch
Comprehensively applied in elevator door control circuit
Silver contact style with high reliability
High quality imported redd make life much longer,compact structure make mounting much easier


Products Dimension:

Technical Parameter

Enclosure Transparent PC Mechanical Lift 2*10^6
Contact type 1 N.C Switching frequency <=30min
Conv. thermal current lthe/4A Connection M3/M5
Rated operational voltage Ue/230V AC; 200V DC Conductor cross sections 0.5...1.5mm
Rated operational current le /2A Protection type IP20
Products choice: KCB-R5A(Ultra thin),KCB-R5B