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Elevator Door Controller - NBSL Elevator Door Controller NSFC01-01

NBSL Elevator Door Controller NSFC01-01

Ningbo Shenling door motor transducer NSFC01-01 Panasonic door motor transducer elevator inverter controller

NSFC01-01 Shenling door controller
NSFC01-01 (0.4kW)
INPUT:1PH 200-230VAC,50/60Hz,5.3A 1.2kVA
OUTPUT:3PH 200-230VAC,2.4A 1.0kVA

In order to meet the Ningbo ShenLing using NSFC01-01 controller type door machine requirements, the preparation of this manual. The controller of type NSFC01-01 inverter is a combination of door machine mechanical structure and door machine user control function, a new generation of special type door machine variable frequency speed control system by Panasonic technology. It closed loop control through the encoder feedback, has good characteristics of speed control, large starting torque, fast dynamic response, a special complete protection and monitoring function, and has simple test, stable and reliable operation, low noise characteristics.

1.The controller must be debug, repair or inspection by a elevator qualified person.
2.Make sure that the power is completely disconnected before wiring operation.
3 Do not put the input terminals (L, N) and output terminals (U, V, W) confused, otherwise it will damage the controller.
4 Should be grounded wiring to terminal controller, if that electric shock.
5 On the power, do not touch the control terminals, otherwise there is the risk of electric shock.
6 charging indicator completely extinguished or negative when the voltage below 36V
7 to prevent the screws, washers and metal matters to fall into the inverter
8 be sure to use insulating tape to wrap up the risk of damage to property otherwise