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Elevator Door Controller - NBSL Elevator Door Controller NSFC01-02

NBSL Elevator Door Controller NSFC01-02

Ningbo Shenling NSFC01-02 door controller

NSFC01-02 Elevator lift parts NSFC01-02 door controller inverter

Door Inverter NSFC01-02,Input:1PH 200-230V 5.7A 1.3KVA;Output:3PH 200-230V 2.8A 0.4KVA

Ningbo Shen Ling permanent magnet synchronous controller NSFC01-02 is synchronous controller.

Door open and close is slow in the first time of the NSFC01-02 door controller initial power, and when the door is moved to the open position limit, or close to the limit when the closed position, there is a slight collision to show the initial power first run.
After that, Door machine to resume normal operation