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ThyssenKrupp Elevator innovative technology ACCEL

This is a unique system: passengers regular pace to enter the system after the system accelerated to quickly reach the other end. ACCEL and maglev transportation system using the same linear motor technology, can pass between the time the airport gate significantly reduced by two thirds.

ACCEL this new solution, marking ThyssenKrupp Elevator entered the mass transit transport field. Held this year in Munich, the world's leading airport exhibition - on the European and international airport facilities and technology and services exhibition, ThyssenKrupp Elevator shows ACCEL this latest technological achievements. ACCEL unique transport system can achieve high capacity, high-speed short-distance transport, without passengers waiting to build low cost.

ACCEL enables airport operations, it can shorten the transfer time between the airport gate remote parking or between. Because no waiting, and no closing barrier, passengers will be able to advance in just 140 seconds 270 meters, compared to the previous 415 seconds to save time the rate reached 66 percent. Airport operations within a radius of 1.5 kilometers are no longer set the bus, automatic people mover systems or rail, but also eliminates the associated high costs.

ACCEL passenger capability and automatic cockpit systems equivalent to up to 7,300 passengers per hour one-way, and smooth shifting, to achieve the highest safety requirements for passenger transport. ACCEL innovative technology is the use of a set of overlapping pedal, after up to three times the original pedal pedal expand the size, combined with maglev linear motor technology, so that passengers can normally walk to 0.65 m / s (2.35 km / h) of set foot on the conveyor belt speed, smooth acceleration to 2 m / s (7.2 km / h), before leaving the system then decelerate to a normal walking speed. If passengers continue to walk on the conveyor belt, you can reach a maximum speed of 3.3 m / s (12 km / h).

ACCEL transportation system also improved the construction of the current subway station passenger transport system so far due to the distance and inconvenient subway metro passengers can enjoy easy access to the subway. With the new entrance, capacity subway system can be upgraded to the maximum. By strengthening the existing subway network connectivity, ACCEL can attract 30% of the additional traffic. ACCEL system can replace costly traditional solutions, such as new stations or mining complex of underground tunnels, also can significantly reduce the number of road vehicles.

Turning ACCEL many advantages, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Group CEO Andreas Schierenbeck expressed: "ACCEL help achieve the transition from road transport to rail transport - which is the ultimate goal of today's large urban traffic management .ACCEL Airport hub can reduce transfer time, offer economical solutions for railway and airport operations and no complex civil engineering or infrastructure projects, it is possible to successfully meet the needs of the urban community of the current rapid development. "

In addition to ease of use, ACCEL without a huge operation and maintenance team, the city and the airport is to fill the current gaps in the field of short-distance transport the ideal solution, compared to the current maximum transport distance of 1.5 kilometers automated people mover system, but also very competitive Options.

ACCEL is ThyssenKrupp's engineers once again raise the security, ease of maintenance, and operational cost savings of new products. ACCEL by ThyssenKrupp Elevator R & D Center to develop, acquire ThyssenKrupp maglev train project and the UK (Prodrive) racing and automotive company,Tecnotion and Beckhoff and other major suppliers to the strong support.

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