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Lift COP-290A / HOP-290B / HOP 290C(Double)

elevator COP

Hair-finished S.S COP with Dot-matrix display

Signal input mode: 7segment,BCD code,Grey code,Binary code.

Elevator System: Parallel,serial communication

Feature and Specification

1.Panel: mirror finished stainless steel,hairline-finished stainless steel,titaniumfinished stainless steel.
2.Various push buttons for your selection:
3.Signal input mode: 7segment,BCD code,Grey code,Binary code.
4."OVERLOAD" is displayed.
5.Intermal error detection and correction function box.
6.Hinged plate can be opened from left or right.

Display Mode Optinal:

Circle Dot-matrix display
LCD display

Installation Dimension(mm):

Landing L(mm) H(mm) A(mm) B(mm) D(mm)
2-16F 1310 190 1250 166 70
17-26F 1560 190 1500 166 70
25-39F 1560 230 1500 206 70