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Elevator Car Floor

The decoration of car floor is made up thicker patch up design PVC marble-line floor,which is light and convenient installation.The wonderful and noble colors of the PVC is equal to that of real mable.

The model number: PVC01, PVC02,PVC03

elevator car floor

The model number: PVC04, PVC05,PVC06

High level marble floooing, nice and fashion design:

The model number: Marble01, Marble02,Marble03

The model number: Marble04, Marble05,Marble06

elevator marble floor

The model number: Marble07, Marble08,Marble09

The model number: Marble10, Marble11,Marble12

lift marble floor

These floor are for the observation elevator,the model number: Marble13, Marble14,Marble15

lift marble floor

There are various colors and design can be choosen, white marble, black marble, red marble, pink marble, beige marble, green marble, onyx marble, dark marble, golden marble, travertine marble. Pls feel free to contact me for more informations.