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Elevator Door Controller - AAD03011DK Panasonic inverter Door Driver

AAD03010DK Panasonic Elevator Door Controller


Model number: AAD03011DK Panasonic inverter door driver

Panasonic elevator lift inverter door controller is a top important electronic controller in elevator door system,it has high quality and durable workmanship than other door controller.We supply panasonic inverter door controller for all our elevator door operator


Detailed Description

Door controller model AAD03011DK / door type single-phase 200V input
Applicable motor output 0.4kw, specified output current is 2.8A, rated output capacity 1.1Kva, power capacity 1.3kVA, estimated weight of 1.2kg. The end D of the type: Not making moving die, G: Make moving dies.

Main function
1. can use the function of the motor drive (AC), three-phase multi-speed control
2. encoder input can detect the location and multi-speed control
3. sensor input can also be carried out in accordance with multi-speed operation (encoder input switching)
Determination of the door range features
4. Communication with RS485 I / F (by special agreement, to complete a variety of settings, monitoring, operation display)
5. equipment dedicated input terminal
6. 3 points with relay output
Panasonic inverter door controller model:AAD03010D AAD03020D new models AAD03011D
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