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Elevator Door Detector A3 (NPN / PNP output,without controller)

Elevator light curtain PNP NPN A3


Technical Data:

Model A3
Number of diodes 34
Maximum beams 94 beams 
Highest Detecting height 1841 mm
Lowest Detecting height 20 mm
Profile dimension 2000mm (height) × 11mm (thickness) × 24mm (width)
Detecting distance  0 - 4000mm
Vertical tolerance +/- 10mm,7°
Horizontal tolerance +/- 3mm,5°
Response Time (Relay) 36.5ms
Cable reliability  30 million door movements 
Power consumption Output 30V,100mA
Voice reminder Buzzer In RX,after continuous detection for 15s,buzzer On
Light immunity ≥100000 LUX
EMC compliance Emission to EN12015, Immunity to EN12016
Operating temperature range -20℃~+65℃
IP Rating IP54(TX,RX)
Vibration test     Random vibration 20 to 500Hz for 4hrs per axis(X,Y,Z)
Sinusoidal vibration 30Hz for 30mins per axis(X,Y,Z)


Installation drawing:




Packing List:

Item Quantity
Transmitter 1 PCS
Receiver 1 PCS
Flexible Cable 2 PCS
User Manual 1 PCS
Mounting Accessories 1 SET