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Elevator Emergency Power Supply

elevator emergency powerlift emergency power supply

elevator emergency rescue device


1、Specification type

2、Functional block diagram

Connection mode should be based on the inverter type and elevator controller design to determine.

3.1 Elevator converter should have emergency operation mode, should be able to response power cut signal from elevator emergency power supply, and best be able to choose light load direction automatically
3.2 Lift emergency rescue device provide 2-phase ac power. So, the output contacts of sequence protector should be short-circuited by the power cut signal from ARD.
3.3 General 10 hours, boosting battery can be filled.
3.4 After rescue completed, ARD delay stop automatically. Time can set between 10-30 seconds.
3.5 After stopping, ARD be entered into charging automatically, ready for the next rescue operation.
3.6 ARD can be restored to normal power supply state if power restored during In the process of rescue.

4、Technical parameters

Power output

Single phase, 50Hz
Power: 3.7KW, 11KW, 15KW, 18.5KW
Voltage: 220V, 380V, 415V, 460V (±20%)


DC48V / 7AH (can choose by yourself)
Charging completion time: 10-20 hours

Conversion mode

Automatic (delay time: less than 5 second)

Operating environment

Temperature: -10℃- +40℃
Relative humidity: ≤90%, no ice condensation