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Elevator Traction Machine DC180L(CHAIN)

DC180L Chain Elevator Traction machine

Products Details:

2:1 traction ratio,chain rope suspension:

Rated load kg Rated speed m/s Diameter Of Chain mm Rope wheel
400 0.4 Φ126.66 40*2*80


chain elevator traction machinechain elevator traction machineDC180L chain elevator traction machine

elevator traction MOTOR Chainelevator traction MOTOR Chain

Rope Fastener:

Product Introduction:

1, Forced Drive traction machine, follow standard GB7588, traveling height no limited, speed ≤0.63m/s ;
2, Balance coefficient can be 0, also no need counterweight (balance weight), car weight can be any small, good to promote the composite material cabin;
3, Guide pulley independent running by installed on the same shaft, ensure the average load of the suspension device.
4, All the tooth surface were carried out quenching treatment to improve the hardness, sharply increase the wear resistance;
5, Hanging chain configure as double row 10A-2, breaking safety factor of 16 or more (standard requirements only bigger than 10), the chain using life estimate will be more than 20,000 hours;
6, Staggered half tooth pitch between the sprocket, the special structure can reduce the inherent vibration amplitude more than 90%;
7, Well designed and manufactured termination device, very convenient to installation, because there is no slip and almost no cumulative error of the operation, so the balance of tension load much better than normal wire rope system!