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Lift Arriving Gong, Elevator Arrival Chime

elevator arriving gong

Our arriving gong is made of professional sound chip, the timbre close to by CD sound, frequency 14-21Khz, wide voltage scope, many activate modes for optional, three parts voices for appointed by user, speaking in Chinese for the sounds of “ UP, DOWN,OVERLOAD”, and could be customized according to customer’s requirement. This product is suitable to be installed on the top of elevator, landing operator with its novelty frame, small volume, stable performance, provides the fair sounding to passengers.

Main Features:

A. "Dingdong, running down, running up"
B. Language: English or others
C. Clear and nice voice
D. Can be installed on the top of elevator, landing operator
E. With nice phonetic sound at each stop, passengers can feel comfortable,and feel good every day!
F. Offering all kinds of music and voice according with customers'  demands

Technic Parameter

Power voltage: DC12V or DC24V
Pulse width of actvate signal: ≥ 100ms
Surrounding temperature: -10~40