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Professional media to promote national quality and safety supervision effectiveness Changzhou Elevator

Recently, the "China Quality" and "China Quality and Technical Supervision," the magazine reported the Changzhou started "elevator safety supervision of the General Assembly war" within the city, efforts to control the lift safe operation of ills, so that urban residents happy life "smooth ascending" regulatory effectiveness, mainly in the "Five":

A micro-film elevator safety knowledge into the brain and heart. Elevator safety line, key in use. Changzhou Quality Supervision Bureau for the elderly, children and other vulnerable groups in the elevator safety features, specialized investment funds to shoot the city's first public safety elevator micro film "lift for half an hour." 8 minutes total length film, tells the story of a mother and son ran into the elevator failure stories, including "mother travel", "riding encounter difficulties," "seek relief", "dispatch rescue", "rescued", "Happy Birthday." and other circumstances, vividly to teach you how to safely ride elevators science, how to do in case of failure phenomenon, which is easy to remember, the nearest correct, workable way to help. The Ministry of micro-film network through Changzhou, Wu net, of Long Lane and a number of sites simultaneously launched, and free to the city's primary and secondary schools in the school after the Spring Festival. In addition, Changzhou Quality Supervision Bureau also through quality education base, elevator safety knowledge into the community and other activities, diverse outreach elevator safety knowledge, up the elevator ride with common sense and emergency response capabilities, to resolve problems and contradictions "ignorant" will bring.

A large platform to integrate data to resolve three problems. With the substantial increase in the total number of lifts, regulatory showing Maintenance personnel management is difficult, maintenance of quality control difficult, difficult operating conditions of the three major problems regulatory phenomenon. Changzhou Quality Supervision Bureau on the basis of the country's first "trinity" of the elevator on the regulatory approach to fine regulation is building big data platform lift Changzhou, the fault rescue system, surveillance and inspection systems maintenance monitoring systems organic integration, to achieve multisectoral integration and sharing of data. In this data platform, each elevator will have a unique number and a two-dimensional code, each number corresponds to lift large data storage platform elevator basic data, maintenance data, test data, fault data, rescue data, complaints data, unit assessment data, security and other technical documentation 8 categories of information, and through things stored in large data sensing technology platform. Through this platform, you can preserve the regulatory process dimension, so that "cutting corners, illegal maintenance" and other acts nowhere to hide; through this platform, you can complete the elevator safety emergency rescue dispatch to ensure the urban area 30 minutes to reach the scene to carry out rescue; by this platform, combined with the old elevator to carry out regular inspections of risk assessment, and urge the use of units to eliminate safety hazards. Next, Changzhou City, data monitoring platform will also work with insurance agencies linkage, and actively explore the establishment of elevator use security system, elevator accidents before, during, and afterwards for three-dimensional risk management, the use of advanced technology to create new management, reduce the failure rate of the elevator, the elevator reduce accident losses. Deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision Circumstance say, to speak with the data, to effectively monitor the implementation of elevator safety, can maximize the protection of people's lives and property.

A new mechanism for the promotion of social resources to address public safety issues. Government agency management system to seize the opportunity, take the initiative to all resources, and gradually establish the use of social resources to solve the problem of public safety elevator elevator safety mechanism to monitor the new. Further integration of fire protection, use and maintenance units, volunteer rescue tripartite rescue forces, the main responsibility for the safety of the use of units outstanding, substantial expansion of the rescue team, enhance rescue capabilities, and gradually form a legal response maintenance units, volunteer units of the secondary response, fire team fallback rescue efficient emergency rescue system; further strengthen cooperation with the property, housing, industry associations and other relevant departments to implement the main responsibility, with good maintenance funds, and gradually solve the "problem of the elevator" Fundamentally, the formation of responsibility clear, smooth operation of the elevator environment; further strengthen joint cooperation with safety supervision, tourism, health and other regulatory power of the parties, from time to time to carry out safety inspections of public places, to discover and eliminate safety hazards.

A new set of standards to promote the quality of the new maintenance upgrade. Elevator Maintenance for effective supervision and maintenance companies improve quality, the formation of healthy competition in the market for maintenance, Changzhou Bureau of Quality Supervision star ratings work carried out since the beginning of 2011 in the city's quality of elevator maintenance, the current "five star" maintenance units reached 4, "four-star" maintenance units reached six, ranked first in the province. March 2014, by local standards, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, developed "elevator maintenance norms," the official release, clear the contents of the maintenance work, the process and requirements, unified evaluation criteria. This year, the city will continue to promote the use of "elevator maintenance specifications," requires further refinement of star ratings to quantify all types of maintenance requirements, all the data to speak, to strengthen the star ratings of the quality control process for the implementation of star ratings Dynamic, classification management, maintenance quality star ratings truly objective, fair, the phasing out of maintenance quality, but off the maintenance business.

A strong and efficient team battle to protect fruit. Elevator manufacturing technology rapid development, the daily supervision of new problems and new situations are constantly changing, Changzhou Quality Supervision Bureau firmly grasp the "capacity building" is a priority, to build a strong team of special equipment safety supervision. This year the school plans and Liyang elevator deepen cooperation, regularly invites school elevator and elevator installation, maintenance, use and special equipment inspection units teacher or technician, around the principles of the elevator structure, elevator installation and routine maintenance, elevator common faults and analysis, aspects elevator inspection requirements and methods for teaching, combined with theoretical knowledge and practical on-site inspection, the city organized special equipment safety supervision staff capacity building training activities. Moreover, focusing on business knowledge and emergency management training for budding special equipment safety supervision personnel ranks.

According to the Bureau of Quality Supervision, Changzhou Sun Mountain introduced as Changzhou plans a year of "great battle" for about two years and then explore further poverty, and constantly improve the long-term mechanism Changzhou elevator safety supervision, orderly resolution of the elevator rescue, "three no elevator, "the old elevator renovation and other issues, for the people safe and happy place" down "to provide a good environment.